2015 Thailand Base Trip

This was one of the base trips I will never forget.  It was my second time in Thailand, and second time out here in Tonsai.  It was also my first time performing a suspension BASE jump.  I never planned on becoming the 10th person in the world to ever make a suspension BASE jump.

It all started the previous year when I met Stanislav.  He was the first one to take me up to the main jump on the beach.  It wasn’t until after we made a jump together that I found out some of the things he had been doing.

I also found out that he was part of the group of Russian jumpers who made the first ever suspension BASE jumps.

At the time I met him only two people in the world have ever done one of these jumps.  We did not look like two people who would typically hang out together.  Stanislav is a Russian with dreadlocks, tattoos on his face and body.  I had a clean cut military hair cut, no tattoos, and no piercings.  The common love for base jumping brought us together, and he started to show me part of his world.  I watched him pierce a few people and attach them to ropes, pulling them up into the air to hang on their skin.  I watched how professional he was with piercings, and keeping everything sterile.

When I got home from this trip it was hard to explain to people what I had experienced.  It was something I never thought that I would do.  Then after the days past by I thought to my self, “I could have been the third person to ever make a suspension base jump.”

The next year I found out that I had some free time.  I decided to go back to Thailand again.  When I realized I was going back I knew I would meet up with Stanislav again.  I thought just maybe I would want to try a regular suspension.  After making some good jumps, and meeting lots of new people, I casually brought it up to Stanislav that I was thinking about doing a suspension.   He replied, “When you want to make a jump, come talk to me.”

After this he started telling me about how they have been using a new deployment method for suspension BASE that is softer, with a more reliable opening.  When he explained how everything worked it made me a lot more comfortable with the idea.